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My father purchased a different 29' Topaz and we took off from there. Fishing whenever we could until Dad needed a few back surgeries. At that time we were both making decent money and decided to buy what is now the current LONGFIN. A larger boat with a smoother ride; and we have never looked back. I always did the research and decided where to go and when my father grew older and needed a break from driving I was always there to run the boat. But mating was my true passion. While most people think that gaffing a fish is the most excting and hardest part of the job they couldn't be further from the truth. There is nothing in the world like leadering a 200-pound bigeye or 500-pound marlin to the boat. To feel that sheer power in your hands and know that too much pressure will break the line, and too many wraps on the leader could cost you your life. I live for it and you may find me in the cockpit just as often as I am sitting on the bridge.


I am also a published outdoor writer and love to teach people how to fish. On my boat, if you want to learn how to rig a ballyhoo correctly, I am gonna show you, until you get it right dammit! My combination of both running the boat and mating have provided me with 25 years of experience, and I will dig into my deepest bag of tricks, to catch you the fish of a lifetime.

One last thing (and you will notice this throughout the photo gallery), I hate shirts, I despise shoes and don't even get near me with sunscreen.........However, I highly recommend that you wear all of the above! So please, step aboard and let me show you some things that not many people will ever see in there lifetime. Oh yeah, I also have a few pairs of ultra-stained lucky shorts too that you may notice in the photo gallery!