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The LONGFIN offers charters and rates fit almost every budget. From the hardcore canyon marlin/tuna fisherman to the, "within site of the beach please!'' charter.  Not only do we offer the charters listed below, but if you want to do something crazy like run south for Cobia in August/September or Tautog fish in November/December for records we will accommodate you. Do you want to try daytime swordfishing or deep dropping for bigeye tuna? So do I! One of the unique things about the LONGFIN is that we are willing to experiment. Got an idea in your head tht you wanna try? Let me know and I will have us rigged and ready for it! I'm a firm believer in the idea that a fishery doesn't exist until someone discovers it, and hopefully you will join us on those ventures.


Below you will find our Charter Rates for individual trips. Compare and contrast, we can't be beat.


  • 12 Hour Offshore Tuna/ Marlin Trip = $1,900

  • 12 Hour Offshore Chunking/Jigging Trip for Tuna = $1,900

  • 24 Hour Offshore Overnight tuna/swordfish/mako Trip (my favorite!) = $2,900

  • 12 Hour Shark Trip = $1,700 

  • 12 Hour Mid-shore seabass/flounder trip = $1,200 (could turn into mahi/tuna tip = $1,200

  • 8 Hour Mid-shore seabass/flounder trip = $850

  • 6 Hour (morning and afternoon trips available) inshore seabass/bluefish/flounder = $650 


Quality tackle, rigging, and teaching are a no-brainer when you charter with us. If you want to learn, we will show you. Just leave your portable GPS at home I thank you VERY MUCH! Please also note that tilefishing is available on both our 12 Hour Offshore trips and our Overnighters. Or you can Tilefish all day for the price of a 12 Hour Offshore trip! As we have always been a family fishing group, we welcome and look forward to children of all ages joining us!